Family Fun for the Hyperactive Ankle Biter Set {JEI)

What’s your favorite family movie and/or game?

Mr. Nearly-Three-Years-Old doesn’t have the attention span for a full movie. The closest we’ve gotten is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Up until the heffalumps and woozles sequence, which is shriek inducing. The kid thinks it’s scary too.

Our favorite games include anything you can do with a ball. Playing catch with a nerf football. Trying to rope our lazy dachshund into a game of fetch. Or, in a stand-out moment of rainy day ingenuity, coke bottle bowling.

What’s your favorite family tradition or way to spend time as a family?

My favorite time of day is bedtime. Yes, yes, that’s a total mom joke. But I don’t just love bedtime for the peace and quiet afterward. I love our special bedtime routine. It’s the only time of day my son will let me read to him.

Any other time of the day, reading aloud is a capital offence. But every night after PJs and tooth brushing, we climb into mommy and daddy’s bed. Together we work through a huge basket of picture books. Everything from Aesop to St. Joseph First Communion Catechism, along with some liturgical living books.

We snuggle. He listens. And together we learn. These little moments are the most precious to me.

If you could travel anywhere with your family, where would it be?

At 1200 miles away, my husband’s family lake cabin is a bit of a slog. The planning is hard enough. Juggling the itinerary, the packing, boarding the dog. When you’re underway, there are just more logistics. Sleep schedules, diet, and other routines get all topsy-turvy.

But leaving home is the first step to any adventure. If you stay home, tucked up in safety, nothing unexpected will ever happen. And without the unexpected, you’ll never ride in a boat piloted by a two-year-old in fleece penguin pyjamas.


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