7 Ways My Fitbit Makes Me A Better Person

First of all, this isn’t a sponsored post or Fitbit review. Fitbit Inc doesn’t even know I exist. Links are affiliate, because it’s a product I personally bought and love. Glad we got that out of the way 🙂


My sweet husband, understanding my desire for practical gifts, bought me a Fitbit Alta for my birthday present this year. After getting it set up, I’ve had so much fun with it!


Yes, you will be more active and less of a couch potato. With a glance at your wrist, you see how much or how little you’ve moved today. But that’s barely half the functionality. Here are some unexpected ways a Fitbit can made you a better person.

Fitbit Aria

  1. Less snoozing, since the Fitbit Alta tracks your sleep. I  hop to it, when my silent, vibrating alarm goes off. If I don’t, there will be a digital record showing I hit snooze twice. Ok, 4 times. But now I’m beating the sloth-monster by rising on time!

  2. In the neverending quest to get more steps, I’ve become a park mom. Every day, my son plays on the community playground. The fresh air and exercise benefit him too!

  3. Among my friends, I’m a late adopter of the Fitbit technology. Now I have a new way to connect with them online. We’re in a private encouragement group on the Fitbit app. Plus, we compete in daily step challenges. You literally cheer each other on!

  4. Another consequence of the accurate sleep tracking. I’ve had to stop playing the “I’m more tired” game. You know when moms compare and basically brag about being tired?

    Radical honesty. I’m only tired because I stayed up until 12:19 last night. But not that tired, since I was restless a mere 3x, and slept 7 hours through the night. I’m not going to one-up anyone. My lack of sleep is my own fault.

  5. My dachshund, originally a reluctant partner for our long daily walks, is no longer one of the 53% of American dogs who are overweight. I’m a better pet parent!

  6. I’m building community. To many of my neighbors I’m “the walking lady.” We see each other every day on my walks, or as I circle the playground. I frequently stop for a quick chat, and really connect.

  7. As we learned from Legally Blonde, exercise creates endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands. My husband hit a home-run with this gift!

How has your personal journey towards fitness and health improved others’ lives? Drop me a comment below!


  1. hehe, happy people do not shoot their husbands, that is too funny – so I guess my hubby is safe too – I got one of those fitbit trackers, and love it – blessings!

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