Dear Reader,

Are you a mother or caregiver who spends all her (limited) time on others? Do you want to complete necessary, mundane tasks with a minimum of:

  • time spent
  • energy wasted
  • patience exhausted

and use your newfound time reading, serving others, and enjoying pursuits enriching your essential self?

Then stick around. This is your kind of blog.

About Me,

In 2016 I found myself in an unhappy situation. As a stay-at-home mother, my job is physically demanding, spiritually fulfilling, but not very demanding mentally.

You see, I have been an efficiency fanatic since childhood. After reading Cheaper by the Dozen at age 8, I became obsessed with streamlining tasks. I would count out the number of steps involved in tying my shoes or brushing my teeth, and try to beat that number.

That’s the same mania for efficacy I brought to all areas of my life. By cutting down time spent on low-yield activities, I graduated university with a BA at 19. At 21, I married the love of my life. After fighting infertility, we were finally blessed with our fantastic little man in early 2014.


I have the time, but nothing cognitively challenging with which to fill it. So in 2016 I started this blog to:

  • use as a creative outlet
  • connect with other mothers
  • share the joys of productivity in homemaking
  • keep a record of my goals and progress
  • validate all my time spent on Pinterest

Thanks for reading!

As a reward, here’s me as a T. Rex.