15 Can’t-Miss Catholic eBooks Under $4



I absolutely love Kindle ebooks! Reading on my phone is my secret weapon to staying well-read as a busy Catholic mom. The app is free, it’s just the books you have to pay for.


Over half of these books are free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I find the subscription pays for itself, but if you’re not sure, or you just want to check out one of these books, snag your free 30 day trial of Kindle Unlimited by clicking below (aff link).

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Feeding the Hungry with Mary’s Meals: MM#4


In 2002, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow had been leading Scottish International Relief for 10 years. Among other services, he:

  • provided material goods to war-torn Bosnia,
  • built orphanages for abandoned babies in Romania,
  • and brought emergency food supplies to famine-struck Africa.


It was on a famine relief mission to Malawi, that Magnus met a woman named Emma, and her 6 young children. As Emma lay dying of AIDs, she prayed for someone to care for her soon-to-be orphans.

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What Food Pantries Need This Summer: MM#3

Did you know that summers are the hardest season for community food pantries? Donations run high during the holiday season (Thanksgiving through Christmas) with another surge during Lent and Easter. It’s wonderful to see Christians celebrating the birth and resurrection of our Savior by “feeding his sheep.” Sadly, donations fall just as the need for food rises each summer.

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5 Facebook Groups for Christian Moms


If you’re still using Facebook as a giant time suck (hello, pictures of old college roommate’s cat) then you’re missing out. Private groups on Facebook are the 21st century way to fellowship with vast amounts of moms, who are only a click away! Build up the body of Christ online.

H/T to Lis Luwia of Catholic Mommy Blogs for first compiling The Ultimate Guide to Catholic Facebook Groups, with over 30 groups listed. Check it out!

The first two groups are Catholic communities I’ve enjoyed for some time. The final three groups are non denominational meetings of sisters.

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Feed The Hungry (From Home): MM #2


Charitable work is so easy with lots of little ones, isn’t it? As stay-at-home-moms, we have an overabundance of time. Plus our children are perfectly behaved on volunteering trips and family outings.

Just kidding!


When getting to the pediatrician, church on Sunday, or even just the grocery store feels like World War III, it’s hard to find ways to give back to others. Here are some ideas to get you contributing to feed the hungry, without ever leaving your home.

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Feed the Hungry: Mercy Monday #1


Welcome to our very first in the series, Mercy Monday. In case you’re wondering what this is about, check the first post Works of Mercy.

We’re going to focus on studying one work of mercy for the whole month. We’ll also take a quick look ahead at what I’ll be doing all month to live out a life of mercy. I’d love for you to join in from home.

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Offer it up! A Guide to Redemptive Suffering

Offer it up! A Guide to Redemptive Suffering. God has not smoothed the path for you through a miraculous healing or other intervention, but your trials can still serve a purpose.

Getting out of the door in the morning takes 27 times as long as it did before motherhood. Back then I could just get ready, grab my tiny purse, and hop in the car. Nowadays, with my two-year-old “helper”, each step is prolonged ad infinitum.


He has to “help” me put on my shoes. “Help” me pack the enormous, ever-growing diaper bag. “Help” me lock the front door.


I’m more capable than him. It would be so much faster if I did everything without his questionable help. But I won’t. Today, and tomorrow, and every day of my life, I will let him offer me whatever help he can. Because it isn’t about the product of his efforts; it’s the love. The love I bear for him, and the love he shows towards me.

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