Motherhood: Is It A Genuine Career?

What is your attitude towards motherhood? Some ways you may be treating motherhood as a casual job, and readjustments, for your mothering perspective .


We all know that motherhood is a vocation. How that plays out looks different from family to family, and changes as life goes on. There are working moms, at-home moms, single moms, homeschool moms, etc. and significant overlap between groups. I respect every woman filling the occupation God has called her to.

What we’re talking about today isn’t the station, it’s the attitude. What is your attitude towards motherhood? Are you living an accidental life like I was? Here are some red flags, and readjustments, for your mothering perspective.

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What Kind Of Mom Are You?

What Kind of Mother Are You?

In Breaking Busy, Alli Worthington tells a story about her childhood jar of marbles. Some were dusty and muddy colored, some were vibrant and glistening. When she removed the dingy ones, the whole effect became more beautiful.

She wraps this story up in a beautiful metaphor. Our shiny marbles represent our unique talents, gifts, and passions. The dirty marbles are the lame expectations and distractions muddying our brilliance.

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