5 Facebook Groups for Christian Moms


If you’re still using Facebook as a giant time suck (hello, pictures of old college roommate’s cat) then you’re missing out. Private groups on Facebook are the 21st century way to fellowship with vast amounts of moms, who are only a click away! Build up the body of Christ online.

H/T to Lis Luwia of Catholic Mommy Blogs for first compiling The Ultimate Guide to Catholic Facebook Groups, with over 30 groups listed. Check it out!

The first two groups are Catholic communities I’ve enjoyed for some time. The final three groups are non denominational meetings of sisters.

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Catholic Facebook Groups

1. Catholic Mommy


A new, up-and-coming group for Catholic moms. This is a chatting-friendly, private, small group of moms.  It’s a positive and upbeat place to talk about life. You’ll see birth announcements, home altars, and encouraging words.


Share in each other’s burdens. Lift each other up in prayer. Weekly threads for prayer intentions. Joining is as easy as clicking the button.

2. Real Catholic Women

A secret (that means hidden in searches) group for Catholic women ages 18 and up. Almost 5000 intelligent, compassionate, friendly ladies from around the world chat about everything under the sun. Married, single, moms, grandmas, nuns, and laypeople are all welcome.


You’ll get wise council from moms (and experienced grandmas) of many.  Discuss Church teachings, current events, and anything else you like. Honest questions, answer seeking, and exploration of difficult topics are encouraged. Debate is not.


Because the group is secret, you can join in two ways. First option: Have a friend who’s already a member invite you in. Second option: Like the community page and send a private message with you facebook email address to the page moderator.


Blogger-Moderated Facebook Groups


This may be my favorite trend in blogging right now. Go beyond the comment box, and get to know some of the best mom bloggers in their own intimate Facebook groups. These women have a heart for mentoring other mothers.

3. Embracing a Simpler Life Together

A space to build community among like-minded ladies. If you’re craving a simpler life, devoted to living your vocation in Christ, this is the sweet little group for you.


Your host is Katie Bennett, the woman behind Embracing a Simpler Life. You can join her group by subscribing to her newsletter, and then clicking the link at the bottom of her emails.

4. Christian Homemaking Community

A huge group of women sharing and learning. Centered on gospel-centered homemaking. Topics posted are approved one-by-one. This prevents the group from being overrun by spammers, constant repeats, or harsh words. I’ve never seen a group this large be this peaceful and edifying! It’s all thanks to the admins.


Founded by Jami Balmet, of Young Wife’s Guide. She’s the energetic mother of two sets of twin boys (that’s 4 under 4, in case you were wondering). The group is steered by a team of 18 bloggers.

5. Modesty for the Modern Mom

Ever feel like stores only sell clothes for two groups? You’re either a teeny-bopper or a grandma. This group will help you find a mom-style that is just right for your stage in life. Share shopping tips and fashion advice. Participate in outfit of the day (OOTD) theme challenges. Some members even sew their own clothes! How cool is that?


This fun group is hosted by the versatile Caroline Allen of Deborah & Co and The Modest Mom Blog. It’s a great complement to her Frumps to Pumps in 30 Days challenge. Subscriber only.
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How do you use Facebook? For a little more mom encouragement in your newsfeed, like Books Faith Life on Facebook.


    1. Absolutely Jennifer! It’s all about being mindful of your useage, and stacking the deck in your favor by following uplifting pages and groups.

  1. Thanks for these great suggestions for Christian FB groups.
    I have not heard of some of these ideas!
    I found your post today on Raising Homemakers.
    Hope you have a blessed day~

    1. Thank you for hosting it, Caroline. It is such a blessing to see I’m not alone in setting myself standards!

  2. Thanks for the call out, Lorelei! I’m loving these groups that you highlighted and I’m excited to try some of them out. Keep it up- the blog’s looking great. 🙂

  3. Community is so important to Christians – this is a great list!

    I would love for you to share with the Cozy Reading Spot, if you’re interested….

  4. This is so cool. I have a facebook group for our #WAYWOW tribe and it is one of my favorite places to be. We share our lives, posts, ideas, plans, thoughts, tips, articles we find. There is nothing like hanging out with others who think the same, or challenge you to think. And surrounding yourself with others who are believers, what could be better! I’m sure that these groups help center you, I’ve shared, if other women are looking for a place to belong they can find a great spot through you!

    1. I didn’t know you had a FB group, Nikki! Finding your tribe (or making it, like you did) is a beautiful thing.

      Thank you for sharing my post 🙂

  5. Thanks for this list, Lorelie. I’m in a couple of FB groups with other Christian women and they’re such a great place to encourage each other and find support. I hadn’t heard of any of these that you’ve listed here, so thanks for sharing!

  6. Facebook can be such a great thing if people will allow it to be. It’s not the website or app, it’s the user…and it can be such a great thing for things such as using this tool for the Lord. I post daily Bible verses on our Facebook page…what a great way to share the Lord’s Word. I agree, it’s just all about how you use it!

    By the way I found your blog via the “No Rules Weekend Blog Party” Blog Hop.

    I write about our farm life, my faith, homemaking topics (like recipes), and even craft topics.

    Please stop by and say hello and follow my feeds as well at:

    Instagram: http://instagram.com/ourlifelongstories

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ourlifelongstories

  7. Thanks for this list of FB groups. I just wrote a blog post that features Jami Balmet’s Rekindling Romance eKit;) I’ll have to check out her group…even though I guess I can’t be considered a ‘young mom’ anymore **SIGH**.
    Thanks for linking up with Grace and Truth.

  8. I am so excited to hear about these great Facebook groups! I have definitely been wanting to be more of a part of groups like these! Good things come from good people getting together!

    Thanks for linking up at the #happynowlinkup!

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