February Goal Update: Lots of Trust, Little Reading

I’m learning to trust, but neglected reading time. January was off-balance, but a little focus (and a lot of Jesus) can bring everything back together.

Word of the Year: Trust

In January, I wrote:

Trusting in the Lord, and not my own abilities, failures, and fears. Letting go of my perfectionist need for control. As if I could do a better job than the author of the universe? So silly when you think about it. I’ll keep you posted on how this one goes.

Let me tell you, this one is going fantastically well! I’ve been changing the way I pray after reading Kelly’s awesome story of Mother Angelica’s answered prayers.

My wonderful husband and I started casually looking at houses this month. Wouldn’t you know it, we fell in love with one. After talking it over, we decided to schedule a viewing. That night, I prayed:

God, if this is not meant for us, please let it pass us by. Help me to know your will.

In the morning, my husband called the listing agent. The house had gone under contract two days before. Can’t ask for a clearer sign than that! My little heart wanted that house. But the Lord knows what we need much better than we ever could.

17 Spiritual Books in 2017

1. Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis

Yeah, that’s right. I read a single book on my spiritual reading list. I did some non-book spiritual reading like the Blessed is She daily devotions. Mostly I adjusted to a much heavier schedule with driving, appointments, and exercise.

Reading for myself doesn’t just magically happen for me anymore. If I want the time, I’ll have to make the time. February is going to be even better than January. I promise! I’ve started Mere Motherhood, aptly subtitled “Morning Times, Nursery Rhymes, & My Journey toward Sanctification,” and am flying through it. A month without books is like a night without stars. I never want to do that again!

How are your goals going so far? Did you chose a “one word” for 2017? Let me know below.

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