Energy Management Tips for Tired Moms

Don’t confuse energy management with time management.

Tell me if this sounds like you.

I make reasonable schedules and lists. I’m not double booked. But I just end up getting sidetracked, working slower and slower, or checking out to do something more relaxing. I cannot clear a to-do list!

It’s easy to overload your to-do list with short tasks. However even 30 minute events like confession or a high-intensity workout can completely drain you. Try rating each task you add to your to-do list with a 1-5. One for not at all tiring, to five for super exhausting. Suddenly the mid-afternoon slump makes sense.

Everyone has a best time of day

I am not a morning person. You don’t have to be one either. Buuuut, earlier in your day (no matter when that starts) truly is a great time to get things done. Simply for the fact that you haven’t spent all your energy yet. Don’t discount the mornings, fellow night owls.

Different kinds of energy

Physical, mental, emotional, and social tasks each drain your energy at different rates. Find what works for you!

Take a break

Breaks take time, but save energy & time in the long run.

Give your priorities your best

Try to rearrange our schedule so the tasks needing energy fall into your best times. This isn’t always possible, especially with outside obligations. But wiggle around what is wiggle-able.

Try to reserve some energy for your family evenings too. This may mean feeling under accomplished during the day. But your family deserves your best self; not a burnt-out crisp, stretched out on the couch.

Give yourself grace

Be honest with yourself; you’re only human. It’s ok to have low energy days or areas. It’s ok to have lots of social energy or very little mental energy (especially if you have little ones). It’s ok to not do it all.

Refill and recharge

Since you’re reading this post, I know you’re probably not spending enough time on self-care. You cannot pour from an empty cup. It isn’t selfish to replenish yourself. In fact, it’s the only way to keep going.

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Make Everything Easier with Good Habits

How do you form good habits? Most of us say “I want a new habit, guess I just have to work out for a few weeks. If I stick with it, eventually it will become second nature.” Nope! Habits don’t magically appear out of repetition.


Here’s an example: Let’s say your New Year’s resolution for 2016, you wake up, and smack yourself in the face with a frying pan. It’s character building. You knuckle down, and keep doing it every.single.day. For 365 mornings in a row, you diligently whack yourself to uphold your yearly promise.


On January 1st, 2017, will you smack yourself again? I’m betting not.


You had only done it so long out of sheer willpower, not easy habit. The same thing happens with so many diets or exercise programs.


You do a Whole30, and a month later you’re eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Finish the 30 Day Shred, and you never want to see Jillian Michaels toned face again. Having reached the deadline, you leave the routine behind.

Where did your habit building go wrong?


I absolutely love Habits by Charles Duhigg. He breaks the construction and purpose of habits down to an exact science. Here’s the big secret: you cannot muscle through on willpower alone.


Habits have a distinct beginning and end point. The framework of habit building goes cue -> routine -> reward.


Most of us zero in on only the middle part, routine. You didn’t hang the routine on a cue, or finish it with a reward!
How do you form good habits? Habits don't magically appear out of repetition. Bad habits and good habits alike are built in three simple steps.

To form good habits, find your cue

Rather than trying to create a new habit from scratch, hook it onto an existing cue.


As an example, I struggle with late-night snacking. Almost every night, I sink into the couch at the end of a long tiring day. I laugh with my husband at our favorite show. Then I mindlessly, habitually, get myself a little treat.


My cue is relaxing on the couch at night. Until recently, my routine was to get an unhealthy after-dinner treat.

Insert your new routine

Instead of snacks like popcorn or ice cream, I’ve switched to a nice tea. Now I have special caffeine-free teas and a mug, all on a delicate tray on the counter.


I look forward to my tea time. As I pass the tea tray with a basket of laundry (or hungry toddler), I envision the ritual of making tea in the coming evening. The anticipation makes it 10x more satisfying.

Finish your good habit with a natural reward

Ideally this will be the same reward as you had originally in your bad habit. So if the exhilaration of victory enticed you to endless hours of video games, the reward of a cozy scarf will not take you from MMORPG champ to crochet queen.


The tea time reward is a very particular feeling of indulgence and self-care. I feel the warmth of the cup. Inhale the fragrant steam. Sink down into the couch cushions beside my hubby. Much as I did with a bowl of ice cream, only I consume far fewer calories now.

By keeping the reward and cue the same, you can focus all your efforts on changing the routine. What are some bad habits you’d like to improve? Or good habits you’ve been meaning to implement?

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