What Worked In August (SQT)

Blessed Brunch

If you have longed for good fellowship with other Catholic women, see if there’s a Blessed Brunch in your area. These are potluck meals fostering faith + friendship. Blessed is She coordinates emails, the hostess opens her home and follows the guide, the guests bring the food + fellowship. If there isn’t one near you, consider hosting it yourself!



An unsung benefit of having Catholic mom friends is all the babies =  all the birthday parties. Ergo, lots of cupcakes.

Neighborhood FB group

It’s been tough meeting all our neighbors at the new house. Half the houses were still being built when we moved in. Inspired by the success my parents’ subdivision has seen, I started a Facebook group.

Now the kids ride around and around the cul-de-sac, while we parents drift from porch to porch planning our Fall block party.

It’s our own little slice of Mayberry.


Wednesday Mass

My son needs more practice behaving and paying attention in church. I know it’s hard. But going as often as we can keeps the experience and expectations fresh in his mind. Plus the weekday crowd is small and very tolerant of the kiddo.


I have a very very long drive twice a month. 8-10 hours in one day. It’s horrible. But it does give me a chance to enjoy an extra book. I check them out from my public library or snag the occasional free Audible. This affiliate link provides a small commission for me, at no cost to you: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


Parks & Rec

I can’t watch any more news, or even a talk show that might bring up the news. Sticking my head in the sand is a sign of privilege perhaps, but necessary for my health. If you have a favorite light comedy, I’m always in search of recommendations!

Nose piercing

I promise I’m 26, not 16. But after years of wanting a little face glam, I finally pulled the trigger. Now my only regret is not doing so sooner. It just cheers me up. The world is a little sparklier now! The little things make all the difference.


Thanks for reading my Seven Quick Takes, linked up with Kelly at This Ain’t The Lyceum. Now tell me what’s bringing the fire to your faith or the sparkle to your days!

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