Dear Tired Mama,


Do you feel restless in your everyday life?

Do you dream of more than monotony?

Are you overwhelmed by small tasks & demands, yet feel wasted without some larger ones?

Maybe you used to read great books with big ideas.

Maybe you used to accomplish big things, and now you care for small things kids!

Maybe you know you can do more, you’re just too tired to start.


I believe in smallness of persons and big dreams.

I believe everything is figureoutable.

I believe you can do anything, just not everything.


My goal is to help you get ahead of the tiny tasks, prioritize the medium tasks, and make a plan to actually achieve those big dreams.


Even if you’re a special-needs mom.

Even if you’re a hardcore introvert.

Even if you think you have nothing to give.


Hi, lovely. I’m Lorelei.


I used to accomplish big bold things. Racing through life was my M.O.


I graduated college at 19 (BA German, 2010). When I met my husband and raced into marriage at 21, I knew exactly what my next goal was.  Fortunately, it was taken right out of my hands and I was forced to notice someone I’d spent my life ignoring: God.


It took us over a year to conceive our first son.  Four years later, we’re still waiting for the next.  The Blessed Mother, Saint Therese, and the many authors who tell their stories have each helped me turn this sweet burden over to Christ and His saving cross.


It’s funny.  I spent so long looking forward to, longing for, and preparing for motherhood.  I thought I’d be better at it.  


Don’t get me wrong,  from the moment I saw his squished face and heard his angry little bellow, my son has meant more to me than any other mortal.  But I couldn’t find space for me in motherhood.


Quite frankly, I was drowning.


So I did what I always do when faced with a problem: research.  Copious amounts of research. I read everything I could get my hands on about: margin, time-management, scheduling, priorities & goal-setting. There was (and is!) a lot of information out there for the business world. But very little for the home setting. And even less for the Catholic mama.


I want to help fill this gap.


In March 2016, with a 1.5-year-old clawing at the bedroom door, I launched this blog. “Launch” is really an exaggeration. I hit publish on my first 3 posts (which are all terrible and have since been archived).


Since then, momentum has really picked up. In six months, I went from one business to three!

  • In June 2017, I started an Etsy gift shop with over 400 sales to date.
  • In November 2017, 11 other Catholic bloggers and business owners trusted me to launch the very first Catholic Mom Bundle flash sale.


All while maintaining my usual resemblance of sanity. In fact, I’m thriving!


So if you dream big, stick around. If you have big goals, tell me about them. And if you have no idea where to start, you’re in for a treat.