Step-by-step: Clean Like A Professional


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In this free 10 page eBook, I walk you through the professional system to clean your home:

  • thoroughly
  • efficiently
  • quickly
  • and easily.

Underlying Principles

  • Why are you “cleaning” all day without reaching an end point?
  • My 1 Big Tip to avoid clutter in the first place
  • Order = Outcome

Product Recommendations

  • Reduce waste with strategic reusable tools
  • Discover time-saving devices
  • Learn which products actually kill norovirus and other nasty household germs!

The Method

  • There are actually only two rooms in your house!
  • Step-by-step lists for cleaning
  • Make cleaning easier for the next time


Wow! Learn how she cleans her whole house in less than an hour. Cleaning doesn't get any faster or easier than this. Great tips and tricks in this system. Secrets of professional cleaning.


I wrote this to give you all a blueprint of how to clean methodically. Your efficiency can rival that of a professional maid. You can spend less time cleaning, and enjoy more thorough results. Get your time back, with a free, proven cleaning system.

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Cleaning Schedules Don’t Work

Cleaning schedules do not work. Here's a simple, two-step solution to replace your cleaning schedule, and actually have a tidy home.×1024.jpg alt=”Cleaning schedules don’t work! For an easy and manageable way to keep your home tidy and clean…”

Confession: I am a cleaning schedule dropout.

It’s true. An utter failure.

I’ve tried them all. FlyLady, with her millions of email. CleanMama, paid and unpaid. Around one hundred printable “easy and comprehensive” checklists from Pinterest.


I rush in with such determination and naive hope, that this time will be different! I have a well-appointed cleaning caddy, all the tools and cleaners. I know the mechanics of how to clean and I’m betting you do too.


What is the (so obvious) problem inherent in every cleaning schedule?

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