Adventures in Crafting with an Uncrafty Mom

Welcome to another session of Seven Quick Takes. I’ll be recapping the highs and lows of 5 years of attempting to find my crafting niche. Get ready to laugh, y’all. If you make it to the end, check out that giveaway!

{Clothes}pin this! – B

No pictures remain, but I followed this tutorial to the letter. I only stabbed my fingers with chicken wire seventeen times. A rousing success!

Sewing Machine of Betrayal – F

I was so excited to a Brother sewing machine as a wedding present. I had big dreams for our future together! We would hem curtains, make hot pads, even a circle skirt.

Then, it attacked me. Spitting bobbin thread everywhere. Losing thread tension. Strange needlework. He hated me.
It quickly became evident that I didn’t have enough badges to train him. Because when my handsome husband, engineer extraordinaire, stepped in to rescue me, the machine changed its tune. It worked perfectly for him.

Unable to handle this disloyal device, I put it in a closet for almost a year (time out so it knew it was a bad Brother) before selling it on Facebook.

Handprint art – D

Baby’s first Autumn. We went to the pumpkin patch, hauled home a gourd each, and tried to fingerpaint. I’m giving this a D, since you can’t make out a single finger or baby handprint.


Baby Olympics – C

Like all first-time-moms, I was gripped with an inescapable fear of my child not adhering strictly to the milestone charts. Which of course possessed me with the notion that my 5-month-old should be pulling himself up to a sitting position.

To that end, a set of PVC parallel bars made perfect sense. For an infant. This is about as much use as they ever got.

Now I have a 3-and-a-half-year-old who reads picture book but can’t take his shirt off. He laughs in the face of your silly charts!


The Christmas Tree That Wasn’t – C

According to my Amazon purchase history, I purchased a yard of green felt November 29, 2015. Almost two years ago. I had big plans to put up a Christmas-tree-shaped felt on the wall, maybe order the adorable Jesse Tree ornament set from My Little Felt Friends?

Am I any closer this year? Not at all. I don’t know if this even counts as a failed craft, but buying supplies IS the best part of crafting.


Retro Preschool B

My kid likes numbers and sequences of things. So in my unbridled enthusiasm for taking things to their logical conclusion, I made a full-on circle time calendar board. For my 2-year-old. Which is why it hasn’t been used since June 2016.


Jewelry – A

In the last few months, I have finally found my niche. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be good at something handy for a change! I’ve given family members necklaces and key chains. Then started selling them in my Etsy shop. Now’s your chance to snag my latest venture for free: rings! Enter on Instagram by following @BooksFaithLife, like this photo, and tag at least one friend in separate comments. If you win, you and she will both receive a handmade St Therese of Lisieux ring in your choice of either finish.

St Therese of Lisieux women's ring giveaway

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