7 Reasons EBooks Are A Mom’s Best Friend {SQT}

Buckle up. This is the most hotly-contested beef since East Coast vs West Coast rappers. But I will defend to my dying breath the usefulness, nay, the absolute necessity of eBooks in a busy mom’s life.


  • A whole library in your diaper bag

I like to read a few different books concurrently. But your bag is heavy enough as it is. You can’t lug around your a whole nightstand-load of books. Unless they weigh nothing on your phone, that is.

You don’t need a dedicated eBook reader. Your smartphone works just fine, and 77% of Americans already have one.

  • Get new books instantly

So you get a sweet recommendation and can’t wait to read a new book. Would you rather: find a clean-ish shirt, pack up a vanload of yowling kids, they tip books off the shelves as you stalk the strangely crowded Barnes & Noble…

Or make three clicks on your computer…

Yeah, me too.


  • Read anywhere

Think about it. Night nursing. Right now your choices are chill in the dark, or surf the internet. You’re not switching on the light and letting baby think it’s party time. Read one-handed on your dimly lit phone. Don’t wake babies.


  • Read for free or cheap

Most local libraries participate in online lending libraries like Overdrive or Freading. Ask a librarian! These books are free, and you can’t rack up overdue fines. They just go poof when your loan term is up.

If you can’t read for free, you can always read on the cheap with Kindle Unlimited. The library is huge! They have old favorites like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings; out of print classics; and lots of popular new releases. You can read for free, no strings attached, for 30 days with the offer below.


  • Share books

Yes, you can share print books with your local friends. But what about all your wonderful online friends? It’s easy to send eBooks to anyone with an Amazon account. I love sharing my favorites with my internet mom squad.


  • Take notes and highlights

I don’t hate print books. Real talk, my mom is a librarian. She raised me to respect books. To never, ever mark up a text. With eBooks you can bookmark, highlight, flag, and write margin notes without assaulting the pages.


  • Dictionary function for pregnancy brain

Seriously, this is a life-changer. You simply highlight a word that childbearing has sucked from your skull, and Kindle tells you what it means. Sweet relief.


Back when I read only paper books, I couldn’t finish even one a week. It was always in another room, at home on the couch, or I had to run interference against my page-ripping toddler. Now I read double digits each month. Really! Tomorrow’s post summarizes the 16 (sixteen) books I read in a real bumper month. Thanks to the convenience of eBooks.


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