7 New Things I’m Doing in January {SQT}

1. ABA

We finally started ABA, and it has been wonderful! My dear almost-3-year-old man separates easily, engages with his super-fun therapist, and has learned so much already. His goals are mostly language, attentiveness, and self-regulation. Yesterday we did a whole puzzle together, and then he helped me clean up his room (without being asked!) That never happened before!

2. Packed lunches

At least twice a week, there isn’t time to run home between morning activities and ABA. So I have to pack a lunch that can sit in the car. I did manage to procure a lunchbox cooler from our storage closet. But I’m at a loss. Moms of olders, what do you pack for lunches without a microwave?

3. Working out

I joined a gym for the first time in my life! The ABA center is providentially just across from a Planet Fitness. That $10 membership fits my budget, and gives me something to do in his 2 hour therapy blocks.
It’s more than a little intimidating to exercise in public for the first time since college. Especially since I don’t exactly have my college-girl body anymore. But everyone there is at different points in their own fitness journeys too.

4. Blessed is She devotionals

This is a quick, easy way to get a little scripture in each day. Sign-up for free, then the BiS team send you the daily Mass readings each day, along with a very short reflection written by one of 40+ Catholic women writers.

People don't need fixing. Even when we are struggling, we remain unbroken.

5. Not beating myself up for falling behind on BiS devotionals

Yep. I’m a self-chastiser like that. I actually subscribed to the BiS devotionals a year ago, but got very down on myself any time I missed a day or two. I saved them all, and made myself read three in a row to catch up. Devotionals aren’t a punishment, but that’s the way I was treating them. Surprise surprise, that takes all the pleasure and enjoyment out of anything. No chastisement here!

6. Not beating myself up for falling behind on my reading list

Yep. I’m behind on that too. My schedule is in flux. Previously, we were go-go-go all morning. That filled my son’s interaction cup, and he was ready for some independent play and then nap. Now we’re hustling over the bay to ABA, and he appears to have given up naps (pray for me).

7.Not rushing into “fix-it” mode

I’m an INTJ. At my best, I’m capable. At my worst, I ignore the human element (including my own). My track record of supportive, emotive response to problems is weak. It’s taken me 25 years to learn that practical =/= helpful. A supportive comment can be worth 10x a ‘helpful’ suggestion.

I endeavour to support more people than I subject to my fixing in 2017. Including myself. Because people don’t need fixing. Even when we are struggling, we remain unbroken.

This is my second time participating in Seven Quick Takes. For more information, and to read more entries, check out all of this week’s SQTs on This Ain’t The Lyceum.

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  1. Ahh! That’s exactly the way I’ve approached my several attempts at email daily devotionals. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone and that it’s okay just to just skip a day here an there. 🙂

    Glad ABA is working for your family so far!

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