Mere Motherhood: A Review

About the Author

Cindy Rollins is a homeschooling mother of nine, including 8 boys. She homeschooled using the Charlotte Mason for thirty consecutive years.

Now that her youngest is in a public high school, she enjoys a “quiet” retirement. She tutors homeschoolers, speaks at conferences, co-hosts a Circe Institute podcast, and writes (amazing) books.

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A Mother’s Rule Of Life: A Review

A Mother's Rule of Life walks the user through building a weekly hourly schedule, in order of a Christian wife and mother’s priorities.

In 2014, I was feeling swamped. My son was a high-needs infant, stuck in that gap between wanting to be into everything, and unable to crawl yet. All day long, I felt like I was putting out fires. There was no order. I couldn’t tell you what my priorities were. Just getting through the day alive?


That’s when I joined a small book study online. The group was reading and discussing A Mother’s Rule of Life. From the author, and the women in the group, I learned how to prioritize my new life as a mom.

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Breaking Busy: A Review

Breaking Busy Cover

Are you scrambling to keep up with all the demands of the day? Do you think being successful, being  a “good Christian”, or being an awesome mom means being eternally busy? With humor, passion, and self-reflection, Alli Worthington challenges these pervasive beliefs in Breaking Busy.  She leads women through all the hectic, shallow, distractions of the day. So that you can focus on what really matters.

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Holiness for Housewives: A Review

All mothers have a home life. It can be tempting to see the heavy demands of homemaking as obstacles to holiness. After all, dealing with constant interruptions and crying kids distract you, making devotions short and tempers high. If only there were some way to turn all of this mess into holiness!

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168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think | Review

168 Hours Cover

Some people seem to be blessed with more than 24 hours in their day. You know who I’m talking about. We all know one woman like that. She works full-time, works out regularly, spends quality time with her family, arrives on-time to church every Sunday, volunteers, and even has real hobbies!

Is that even possible? That is the premise Laura Vanderkam started with, when she began researching and writing 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.

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The Fringe Hours: A Review

Great review of a great book! Time for women to rediscover their interests, take time for themselves. This is the book to read for women in need of permission to care for themselves. #motherhood

The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner is the pleasant entree into book writing from the popular lifestyle blogger at The Mom Creative. More gentle encouragement than rallying cry, Turner invites women to rediscover their interests, take time for themselves, and embrace the demands of whichever stage of life they are in. This is the book to read for women in need of permission to care for themselves. If you are lost, if you are drowning, if you cannot remember that there is a uniquely crafted individual underneath the shifting mass of external responsibilities, here is your permission. Here is your prescription. Rescue yourself!

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